Sunday, 25 April 2010

Wah Nails: Going to be DID!

Y'all know how I love nail art? Well, a month ago a friend of mine asked if I heard about Wah Nails in East because I was rocking the leopard print I did myself... I've never heard such a thing and then BAM! I saw the mini boutique in Oxford Circus Topshop... I fell in love. Unfortunately, for university work reasons I sort of... kinda... forgot about it, until today when I found the blog site for Wah Nails where I totally came close to jizzing all over the gaff. Talk about eye candy! I'm booking myself an appointment ASAP. Bitchez gon' be hating.


  1. I need to come round ya yard!! I want stripey nails did xD

  2. omg i love them... bet they cost so much though!

  3. That's what I want for a long time.