Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yet another UPDATE..

It's been such a while since I last posted, I have been so busy with numerous things.. It's gotten so crazy lately.

I hate rounding up some significant news into bullet points but there is no way I can sit through and type them all out with explanation, I have a bloody FEED event to go to tonight, I'm hungry and I need a shower. So here goes..

- I went to MDX Uni and luckily got an interview after they viewed about 15 - 20 people's portfolio, but I didn't know if I got accepted or not.

- Checked my UCAS track online and found out they gave me an unconditional offer .. So really, they accepted me! :D Chuffed. So really, now I need.. No wrong word.. HAVE TO BLOODY HAVE the grades they expect which is MMM. Ergh. One thing I've realised about myself during this whole Uni journey is that I'm deffo NOT optomistic.. Nor pessimistic which works quite well for me. I'm always either both depending on situations.

- My dog & favourite Comedian Duke, sadly past away 10 days before my birthday this month. Never have I ever been so down about anything in my life, it's made such an impact on me but the more I think of it now, I'm so glad we made his life WAY WAY WAY much better than what it could have been like at the Dog's Home. <3 ILY.

- My 19th birthday was on Monday and yet again, all this fucking craziness to do with the course is the reason why I have not bothered to do anything with it. Or even bother celebrating. Or thinking of it. So I've postponed a fun / outrageous thing to do during the summer. I might jump of a plane or something crazy.

And there you go, I can't think of anything more to say other than that.

Bye!! P.S. Bear it in mind that I have to finish my 4 FMP garments in 3 weeks for a Fashion show.. so I don't think I'll be posting anything any time soon! Soz. I'll do the best I can, but I doubt more than 2 people read this anyway.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Booked the ticket...

anx⋅ious -

1. full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; greatly worried; solicitous: Her parents were anxious about her poor health.
2. earnestly desirous; eager (usually fol. by an infinitive or for): anxious to please; anxious for our happiness.

I bought an AK-47 necklace today from Oasis Market which put a smile on my face. God I love that place.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Monday, 13 April 2009

Pulp ain't a fiction, it's an addiction.

"Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable? That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence."

- Tarrantino is a bad muvvafucca.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Secret Wars last night was just amazing. It was the grand finale where Bevlak and Blake (who I was rootin' and tootin' for, quite literally) went head to head to win the ultimate prize of a thousand smakeroonies and the champion title. Normally, they have 90 minutes to draw on their white boards but since it was the final, they both had 2 hours to draw. I thought I was gonna be bored but, it actually went pretty fast. Faster than the last times I went I reckon.
The music was good, normally they play old skool Hip Hop and shit but last night decided to turn on dupstep which got the crowd hyped. Nathan was breakin' to the beats out of enjoyment. And they had some sick ass human beat-boxer-music-maker called Reeps1. Out of this world. I possibly coulda caught flies in my mouth I was that astonished.
Nuff of that, so at the end of the battle the voting comes.. there was 2 judges, the first one voted for Bevlak (which was followed by some booing.. that was kinda harsh) and the other one voted for Philth... then came the screaming from the crowd who we wanted to vote for. Blake was first, which was followed by some furious roaring and screaming and whistling from our side, fucking hell.. I would have recorded it but it was so loud it could fuck up my camera. I managed to add, "WE LOVE YOU PHILL!" at the end of it ;] ...
The Philth fan cheers over took the Bevlak cheers, so the crown winner was the well deserved and well talented Phill Blake.

Cheers to Ben for the pictures:


Thursday 23rd April 2009.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Isn't it Break time yet... ?

Wow, what an eventful day yesterday. Went to All Saints where Ben picked up these fit jeans where the crotch is low and baggy and the bottom legs are skinny, they're beautiful... I ended up wearing them today whilst tidying the flat. He weren't impressed.

Anyway, so then we met up with Tigz ... and went down to Vintage Warehouse aka COW in Digbeth (to pick up my boom box I left there like a year ago when I styled their window display).. Which was quite shit cos 1.) They got a new manager who didn't really believe the boombox was mine (so I have to come in on Monday, bitch.) and 2.) jeez, it's gotten so popular. It's now filled with the people I don't like, indie cindys.

We headed up to McDonald's where we ate it in Pigeon Park.. (Nathan's idea)... not to sound like a pretencious bitch or anything, but I can't deal with the children there, they are so grimey in a bacterial mannor it makes me feel sick. Anyway, so we ended up jamming around the Spinx where we met up with Make One Bang, who was just JOKES when she grabbed hold of a boy's leg because she was afraid of the high wall. I was CREASING.

Then we went back down to Digbeth, headed to the Custard Factory's dance studio where Tigz was training along with other BBoys (old and new faces) which was sick as it was just a training thing so we could have a go and no-one would scruntinize us. So I was taking pics of us having fun when some other BBoys asked me to take their pictures. That was fun, I felt like a proper photographer with my DSLR.

AND THEN.. This woman came in with a man, all glamourous (with stunner shades and everything) and she kept staring at me. One of the Bboys came over and said, "Erm, the manager of this studio wants to speak to you...".. I was thinking, oh shit. She's gonna tell me to stop photographing. So I was like, "Yeah?".. She goes, "Are you a photographer?" "No." "Is that your camera?" "Yeah".. "Can you take photos and edit them?" "Yeah I have Photoshop skills, why?" "I'm doing a fashion show next week, wondering if you'd be interested in taking photos for the show? Can I have your number? We'll speak about it in more detail tomorrow."


Saturday, 28 March 2009

University Worries .. Again.

I keep having some next next new new dreams about interviews. I had a dream that MDX interview was today which made me scared shitless as 1.) I haven't finished my portfolio 2.) I haven't even bought an A1 portfolio nor sleeves and 3.) I'M IN KENT AT THE MOMENT. Blergh... whaaddufu?

So I'm in Kent atm... it's going pretty swell. No shopping today :( although I'm going to Whitstable in a biz for some Fish shopping. I'd love it to the max if they had a Sea Life Centre here :D:D Annnd then later on tonight we're eating out at this posh Italian place, can't wait I love food. Last time we came down, I had Sea food like everyday.. made me feel sick in the end. And my Boyfriend's cousin is a waiter at this well expensive Fish resturant called The Crab and Winkle and Orlando Bloom came in... so rude. Asked what he'd like to order .. his PA answers every question. He asks for Soya Milk.. no Soya Milk.. He leaves. Beh. I saw Orlando's old school.. Looks like Hogwarts.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Uniiiiiiiversity worries :(

So UCAS sent me a letter confirming that my application is alright and that interviews for Route B will be starting on March 30, that's next week... I could be having my Middlesex interview NEXT WEEK.. oh boy. I hope I get in maaaan :'( ... The only thing I'm worried about at the moment is that what if all the spaces at MDX are nearly taken????!!! I can't think about it too much or else I will go insane. But I thought of one scary prospect of it all... I go London all hopefull.. I can either leave London feeling REALLY happy or leave London feeling REALLY upset. It ONLY goes 2 ways.. there's no 3rd feeling to this equation. :(:( Shittt maaan.

I had 2 hours spare this morning so I did this for my portfolio.. The boyfriend HATES my rendering skills, but mind you.. I learnt all of this on tutorials on the internet in 3 hours. Meh.

~ Jennifer

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Yeah I know I don't write as much blogs as I used to. I appologise with my slow paste. I'm really busy nower days, what with all the house work and projects I have thrown at me! Haha. (Oh shit, now I'm thinking about that pile of dirty plates I need to sort out tonight!!!)
I thought about just deleting the whole the blog thing as I did with my Myspace blurbs, but then I realised that would be stupid. I don't own a diary or a journal so this is the perfect way to keep my memories.

Anyway, enough about that. Last week was probably one of the biggest highlights of my life last week, I'm being deadly serious. I got the chance to work for 4 days with Britian's most well known stylist and goddamn-it-he's-amazing-on-different-levels Gok Wan for his Channel 4 TV show "Gok's Fashion Fix"!
(Now I'm thinking of it, I have so much to say about the whole duration of the work experience.. I'll be here for days so I'm just gonna bullet point the memoral parts!)
1st day:
- Entered the designer styling room which me and Siobhan called "Aladin's Cave of Wonders!".. I felt like I would puff into dust if I touched anything in there. I spotted a Vintage Chanel 2.55 bag which I grabbed straight away. We all started playing "dress up" because the stylists just left about 5 of us in the room full of expensive clothes and accessories!
- I tried on this AMAZING Hermes studded bracelet which took the piss to get on my wrists and then out of nowehere this security guy comes in and asks "WHO LET YOU IN HERE?!" which left me cowardly trying to rip the friggin' bracelet off!
- Saw Gok in all his glory, but didn't have the chance / time to speak to him. Oh well, looking is good.
- Spoke to Brix and took pictures with her, she is absolubtley funny!
- In the afternoon one of the head stylists for Brix Start Smith's designer room asks me and Siobhan to buy some slips for a Jean Paul Gaultier dress that a model couldn't fit, therefore unbuttoning the front.. we bought like three things but the nicest slip dress we found was a lilac one from Topshop costing about £25... we were so worried Brix was gonna go mental but to our relief AND excitement, it was USED IN THE SHOW!! :D
- Saw his parents at the show.

2nd day:
- I can't really recall on the second day as I don't have much pictures from that day.. it must have been a boring day.. the same old, same old haha.. All I remember was that there was one lovely Canadian model who kept complementing me on my "geek glasses".. and eating Sushi for lunch?! Oh yeah.. Gok smiled at me and said "Hello, you alright?" :) OH AND photocopying Terms and Conditions like 10,000 times and stapling them all! And handing out voting cards to the audience.. lol.
- EDIT: Spoke to his Mom and Dad for a while during the fashion show about Chinese culture and shit. Gok suggested going China town to eat so I agreed to show them where China Town is, that's when he was like. "Omg thank you so much.. GORGEOUS Fendi cuff btw.." :D::DD

3rd day:
- One of my fave days, this was when I met Dave (another work experience person from Sutton).. he was shy at first so I was like, "let's just work together"... and like one of assignments he and I had to do was go to Tesco and get like a CRATE of bottled water. OMGGG... The comments and remarks we had walking down new street... so our excuse was "Gok Wan's thirsty!" HAHA..
- Dave and Siobhan got told to go to Hair and Make Up to see if the models wanted anything to drink or whatever.. ugh some of them were nice but then you got some that act like children.. "I want this! I want that! Oiii... get this! Here's £20.. get me this" and it's like HELLO?! I NEED A PEN AND PAD YOU IDIOT. One of them tugged Siobhan's top whihc made her go angry! Ha..
- So we got to Starbucks where we had to made a BIG order (paid seperately) and when our orders came.. we werre standing around the sugar and milk area bitching about the models and their demands when Gok was like, "Erm excuse me, haven't you got a job to do?!" in an angry tone which made my face go :'O and he was like "OMG I'M ONLY JOKING.. OH I FEEL SO BAD!" haha and I was like, OMG you shit me up. But then anyways, for scaring us.. I asked him for some photos for our Portfolio and he was like yeaaahh.. so we took individual ones and i took one with him pushing my face close to his and he was like, "Omg you're so Chinky!" .. like I hate racist words like that and whenever someone says that word, I cringe but it felt normal with him LOOOOLLL.. But yeah he was so sweet we had a group one and he was like "Lets do the chinese pose!" aWWW..
- Then we went flyering which was cool :)
- Hung out with the TV crew for a while, they were sound. Reallly nice people.. loved them.
- Had Singapore noodles for lunch :)
- Spoke to his parents again, his Dad's jokes.. "Am I the oldest man here?" haha.

4th day: (I speak too much.)
- Asked the production crew for Tea / Coffee from Starbucks.. and then Gok was like.. "Can I have Evian in a big bottle?" so me and Siobhan were like.. err... Ok. Ran to the news agents, they only had Volvic lol.. we bought it and we was like.. "Sorry, we couldn't find EVian.." and he was like " You stupid Chinese girl! Do you know wht happen to the person who bought me Volvic?!" (Joking obvs)
- Me and Siobhan were made to go out and look for special people to sit in the front row cos the production crew were annoyed that most of the audience was teenage girls.. they needed the mumsy type people. Found some really suitable women.. Like Battlewelch .. ahhh it's like an inside joke but you know.. (too hard to explain.. my hands hurt).
- Flyering again..
- THre was other things we did... but i can't think straight my fingers are straininggg!!! hahaha

~ Jennifer