Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Merked by Marc Jacobs

Basically me and Gary had a nice outing today, it was much needed! We went all over central from Goodge St. to Mayfair, by the end of it my feet were on fire. We started of by going to Carnaby St. to see the fitties and the New Era shop but, it wasn't impressive... I wasn't feeling the street vibes today! Then went to give Bang Bang! a visit where Mr Plastic bought 2 cute necklaces. The Bang Bang! shop was actually really nice for a vintage retail (I'm not a fan of vintage you see) because they sold Henry Holland, Twenty8Twelve, Vivienne Westwood and high street goodies like Toppers... Anyway, after that we took a nice, depressing walk down Mayfair where people loved waving their hands out to a black cab... Then we went into the glorious Marc Jacobs store where we bought our hearts out. Oh and I forgot to mention, we had some bum ass noodles from Noodle Town or whatever the cheesey name is! It's just outside Tottenham Court Station, it's pricey... the staff are rude but, it the food was niiiice!



  1. OMG you and Gary loooook amazing :)
    and that compact mirrorrr is like WOWWW I LOVE ITT! <3333
    where did Gary get his big brown bag from?


  2. He got it from a vintage market in Greenwich for £6 or something ridonk like that! Amaaaazingggg xxx