Friday, 23 April 2010

"That girl dances like she's in The Sims"

So today, I went into central quite early (it was 1pm, it's early OKAY!) to meet up with Mr. Zareef Petkar to do a mini photoshoot for his clothing brand, SPACE*LIFE - which I will write up about once his website gets going. Shortly after we rapped up and I ventured into Topshop whilst waiting for Mr.Plastic and there I got shot in the heart with the massive "SALE" sign. I bought something and the rest is history. Oh yeah, we got stalked by Simon Webb from Blue.
Purchases included;
  • See-through Pink Dress Topshop
  • Gold Studded Bracelet Topshop
  • Gold Studs Oh So So Ho
  • Leopard Print Playsuit H&M
  • Strawberry Frappachino Starbucks
  • Chanel tattoo courtesy of Chanel and JadoreMrPlastic < Thank you!

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