Saturday, 14 August 2010

Life on a place called Space.

If you haven't checked out my friend, Zareef's sick brand *SPACE LIFE*, I got one thing to ask you.... Are you dumb?
Before *SPACE LIFE* even launched online, the phenomenal jerk dance crews from across the pond in America went crazy for it... sending Youtube videos for association with the brand. The designs come either in sweatshirts or t-shirts, all in colours to suit an individual. Personal favourite colours of mine is the charcoal grey jumper for those wintery nights and the turquoise t-shirt for a playful summers day. The good thing is, is that there's a limited edition design with a glow in the dark print, great for standing out in a rave!

If you haven't checked it out, what are you waiting for?

CLICK HERE to browse and purchase your garms from *SPACE LIFE*
CLICK HERE to follow, the official twitter page to *SPACE LIFE*