Friday, 23 April 2010


Seriously, I'm falling so much in love with Katy Perry every day. She's got to be the most beautifulest girl ever and what makes things worse is that she's funny, it's not fair! Anyway, it reminds me of what I checked out in a magazine today... The Kid's Choice Awards 2010, I love the fashion at these informal shows because the celebrities seem to dress how us, "normal" people tend to dress when we go out somewhere big and fancy! I clocked onto what Rihanna wore and this has got to be the best outfit I've seen by far this year.... It's so simple yet she looks amazing, not too serious as it's played down with the cute glittery socks (which I now badly need in my life) and the overall nude tone. Ms. Perry looked as good too, I could sell my Nan for those Louboutin wedges and have my huuuurrr did like that!


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