Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Мишка backpack...

Ben's new backpack. I'm not envious, I swear.


London Fashion Week

Backstage "help" for Nathan Jenden... My friend Becky got to work for him as an intern and like you do, she brought us along to gatecrash the scene. We worked yesterday in his studio on Old St. and today at the main fashion show. I've gotta to be honest, I went because I had nothing else better to do and obviously if there was a party... I'm there :)

Anyway, less chatting. More photos. P.S. I didn't really take any photos on Monday as I didn't know the rules and regulations. Haha... whoops.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

This is what I want...

Nike Air Max 90 because they're soooo sexy.

Obey bling because the designs are subtly street. Patricia Field lingerie because I would raaaa wear that as outwear.

"THAT COAT WAS £100!! £100!!"

Best drunken video ever. Late night session at Subway. Sorry Fab.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Makes a change that it's not rubber, PVC, Latex ect...

I jacked this from my cousin's blog http://christinecocochanel.blogspot.com . The styling of Rih's new video is very M.I.A and Jamaican Dance Hall queen look.... and I love it. I'm so happy the girl realised there is more to fashion than fetish wear, thank Jesus.


Styling and Photography Project Pt. 2

Another freezing day in the land of shithole. The big poofy tutu was made by me at 4am. When I say 'made' I mean, my housemate Becky (who is also the model incidently) sewed a line down the nets and I just gathered them. Yeah. That's tricky I have you know! So here are final photos I'm most pleased with that we took earlier today....

These are not the final project photos as it was taken of my Samsung 5mp Camera.



When we go on a night out and get absolubtely trashed we tend to crave the most unhealthiest food source after the party/rave has finished. The most popular food we crave are kebabs, chips, chicken pieces and hot dogs. You get these in chicken joints where the food is often reffered to as "dirty chicken". The question is, why is it only acceptable to eat this dirty chicken when we are drunk and unaware of our actions? Why are people so ashamed to eat this chicken when they are sober?

Lets eat to the beat!!!!

Food Glorious Food!

Wearable food Katy Perry kitsch style icon

Jeremy Scott Food Fight

Inspired by food dont just eat your food wear it too

Matilda bruce trotter loves a bit of cake!

The fast food rockers flying the flag for fast food

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Supra Dupa Sunday!

So me and Ben went to Portobello Road on Saturday afternoon to do some 'browsing'. Turned out that both of us combined, spent £stupid at the amazing Trapstar 50% sale at Supra. Earlier though, I nearly got knocked out by that stupid shoe shuttle thing at Size?... I was too mesmerised by the Nike Air Max's in front of me to care haha.

Jen's buys:


Ben's buys:


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shhhh... Trapstar's my Secret

The brand and word, "Trapstar" has been floating around my head since a while back now, from friends asking if I wanted to go to their parties and from going to The Candy Store in Birmingham. After a year and or so of hearing about it and learning that they're not your average American street brand but, INFACT a British company... I was intrigued, I looked into them and that was when my fascination kicked in with this brand. Now, I find it's one of my inspirations as far as my style and fashion awareness is concerned. Although I'm studying Fashion Styling and Promotion at uni, I've never been the type of girl who obsessed over pretty designer things, I've never been interested in Vogue and all those pretentious fashion parties... My mind has always been set on street wear and urban subcultures. So reading, wearing and hopefully partying with Trapstar seriously has set my goals and ambitions in that side of the industry. Thank you!!!