Sunday, 5 April 2009

Isn't it Break time yet... ?

Wow, what an eventful day yesterday. Went to All Saints where Ben picked up these fit jeans where the crotch is low and baggy and the bottom legs are skinny, they're beautiful... I ended up wearing them today whilst tidying the flat. He weren't impressed.

Anyway, so then we met up with Tigz ... and went down to Vintage Warehouse aka COW in Digbeth (to pick up my boom box I left there like a year ago when I styled their window display).. Which was quite shit cos 1.) They got a new manager who didn't really believe the boombox was mine (so I have to come in on Monday, bitch.) and 2.) jeez, it's gotten so popular. It's now filled with the people I don't like, indie cindys.

We headed up to McDonald's where we ate it in Pigeon Park.. (Nathan's idea)... not to sound like a pretencious bitch or anything, but I can't deal with the children there, they are so grimey in a bacterial mannor it makes me feel sick. Anyway, so we ended up jamming around the Spinx where we met up with Make One Bang, who was just JOKES when she grabbed hold of a boy's leg because she was afraid of the high wall. I was CREASING.

Then we went back down to Digbeth, headed to the Custard Factory's dance studio where Tigz was training along with other BBoys (old and new faces) which was sick as it was just a training thing so we could have a go and no-one would scruntinize us. So I was taking pics of us having fun when some other BBoys asked me to take their pictures. That was fun, I felt like a proper photographer with my DSLR.

AND THEN.. This woman came in with a man, all glamourous (with stunner shades and everything) and she kept staring at me. One of the Bboys came over and said, "Erm, the manager of this studio wants to speak to you...".. I was thinking, oh shit. She's gonna tell me to stop photographing. So I was like, "Yeah?".. She goes, "Are you a photographer?" "No." "Is that your camera?" "Yeah".. "Can you take photos and edit them?" "Yeah I have Photoshop skills, why?" "I'm doing a fashion show next week, wondering if you'd be interested in taking photos for the show? Can I have your number? We'll speak about it in more detail tomorrow."