Saturday, 28 March 2009

University Worries .. Again.

I keep having some next next new new dreams about interviews. I had a dream that MDX interview was today which made me scared shitless as 1.) I haven't finished my portfolio 2.) I haven't even bought an A1 portfolio nor sleeves and 3.) I'M IN KENT AT THE MOMENT. Blergh... whaaddufu?

So I'm in Kent atm... it's going pretty swell. No shopping today :( although I'm going to Whitstable in a biz for some Fish shopping. I'd love it to the max if they had a Sea Life Centre here :D:D Annnd then later on tonight we're eating out at this posh Italian place, can't wait I love food. Last time we came down, I had Sea food like everyday.. made me feel sick in the end. And my Boyfriend's cousin is a waiter at this well expensive Fish resturant called The Crab and Winkle and Orlando Bloom came in... so rude. Asked what he'd like to order .. his PA answers every question. He asks for Soya Milk.. no Soya Milk.. He leaves. Beh. I saw Orlando's old school.. Looks like Hogwarts.