Thursday, 26 March 2009

Uniiiiiiiversity worries :(

So UCAS sent me a letter confirming that my application is alright and that interviews for Route B will be starting on March 30, that's next week... I could be having my Middlesex interview NEXT WEEK.. oh boy. I hope I get in maaaan :'( ... The only thing I'm worried about at the moment is that what if all the spaces at MDX are nearly taken????!!! I can't think about it too much or else I will go insane. But I thought of one scary prospect of it all... I go London all hopefull.. I can either leave London feeling REALLY happy or leave London feeling REALLY upset. It ONLY goes 2 ways.. there's no 3rd feeling to this equation. :(:( Shittt maaan.

I had 2 hours spare this morning so I did this for my portfolio.. The boyfriend HATES my rendering skills, but mind you.. I learnt all of this on tutorials on the internet in 3 hours. Meh.

~ Jennifer

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