Sunday, 12 April 2009


Secret Wars last night was just amazing. It was the grand finale where Bevlak and Blake (who I was rootin' and tootin' for, quite literally) went head to head to win the ultimate prize of a thousand smakeroonies and the champion title. Normally, they have 90 minutes to draw on their white boards but since it was the final, they both had 2 hours to draw. I thought I was gonna be bored but, it actually went pretty fast. Faster than the last times I went I reckon.
The music was good, normally they play old skool Hip Hop and shit but last night decided to turn on dupstep which got the crowd hyped. Nathan was breakin' to the beats out of enjoyment. And they had some sick ass human beat-boxer-music-maker called Reeps1. Out of this world. I possibly coulda caught flies in my mouth I was that astonished.
Nuff of that, so at the end of the battle the voting comes.. there was 2 judges, the first one voted for Bevlak (which was followed by some booing.. that was kinda harsh) and the other one voted for Philth... then came the screaming from the crowd who we wanted to vote for. Blake was first, which was followed by some furious roaring and screaming and whistling from our side, fucking hell.. I would have recorded it but it was so loud it could fuck up my camera. I managed to add, "WE LOVE YOU PHILL!" at the end of it ;] ...
The Philth fan cheers over took the Bevlak cheers, so the crown winner was the well deserved and well talented Phill Blake.

Cheers to Ben for the pictures:

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