Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shhhh... Trapstar's my Secret

The brand and word, "Trapstar" has been floating around my head since a while back now, from friends asking if I wanted to go to their parties and from going to The Candy Store in Birmingham. After a year and or so of hearing about it and learning that they're not your average American street brand but, INFACT a British company... I was intrigued, I looked into them and that was when my fascination kicked in with this brand. Now, I find it's one of my inspirations as far as my style and fashion awareness is concerned. Although I'm studying Fashion Styling and Promotion at uni, I've never been the type of girl who obsessed over pretty designer things, I've never been interested in Vogue and all those pretentious fashion parties... My mind has always been set on street wear and urban subcultures. So reading, wearing and hopefully partying with Trapstar seriously has set my goals and ambitions in that side of the industry. Thank you!!!



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