Monday, 15 February 2010


When we go on a night out and get absolubtely trashed we tend to crave the most unhealthiest food source after the party/rave has finished. The most popular food we crave are kebabs, chips, chicken pieces and hot dogs. You get these in chicken joints where the food is often reffered to as "dirty chicken". The question is, why is it only acceptable to eat this dirty chicken when we are drunk and unaware of our actions? Why are people so ashamed to eat this chicken when they are sober?

Lets eat to the beat!!!!

Food Glorious Food!

Wearable food Katy Perry kitsch style icon

Jeremy Scott Food Fight

Inspired by food dont just eat your food wear it too

Matilda bruce trotter loves a bit of cake!

The fast food rockers flying the flag for fast food

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