Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Schön! Magazine Launch Partaaaay.

So I got invited to Schön! Magazine launch party on Friday night. Too be honest, I've never heard of the magazine before, so I did a quick research before I left the house and it turned out to be a pretty interesting magazine, actually. It reminds me of Dazed and Wonderland in terms of how they layed out the magazine, a bit edgy but, still has the avant-garde essence to it. Anyway, so I had no idea what to wear for the event, my housemate and her friends were all dead set on dresses but, I wasn't feeling it on me so I done the safe option of wearing a pretty top, legging and heels... I'm not gonna lie, I just wanted to throw my Converse on because that look is too girly for me, but oh well... It's a party after all.

We arrived on Bond St. about 8ish, went into the ever so swanky venue and basically got chatting and networking with a few big people from the fashion design and styling industry. Becky and her mates got quite a few good contacts, I on the other hand, spoke to a few stylists and photograhers but, no disrespect.... I'm not into the whole high end fashion, kiss on both cheeks thing... It's not me, so it wasn't very useful to me. However, I did learn a lot and it was a good experience. The best part of the night was being lifted by a fashion photographer (yeah, only me) and getting free drinks from the owner of the venue and just basically pretending I was on The Hills. All in all, it was a good night and definitely am looking forward to more of these parties even if I do just go home with a bag of McDonald's.


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