Sunday, 2 May 2010

Party in Mayfair

So last night me and Gary went to the ever so classy Funky Buddha along with my lovely housemate, Shanice and my classmate, Fab. Seriously, I'm not the kind of girl who parties in the posh bits of London, infact.. it's not even my scene and I feel so alien there however, I gave it a shot. I mean, c'mon... it's London, it won't hurt to try out new things. The only thing that hurt my heart physically was how much we had to pay to get in because we were 10 minutes late and the PRICE of drinks. £20 entrance fee and a Malibu and Coke was £10.50... joke. Anyway, it was a pretty good night but, I've had better nights out in Central with a CHEAPER budget.


  1. what places do you usually go to? I'm moving to London soon, I've stayed there before for a few summers but either always end up in Shoreditch (not really my types of places?) or then posh expensive places, which I'm not the biggest fan of. Could use some recommendations! xx

  2. I loveee Shoreditch, I like the scene there... I like east London... basically I prefer nights that don't cost over £5 entry... I like YoYo's in Nottinghill and Yo Mama! in east, I like Hip Hop, rnb and dubstep events so thats probably why i like those areas. What clubs did you go to? x

  3. I've been to places like Paper, Stanza, Bar Rumba, Bar Red, Carbon, Sound, Tiger Tiger... I've always just followed people wherever they were going! I mean some clubs I've been to have been ok but I'm sure there must be better places than those. I mostly like r'n'b and hiphop so would be nice to know good places for that! Which places in Shoreditch good? I think I've just stumbled into a few places that weren't so nice there maybe..

  4. oh and do you know any facebook groups that would be handy to join to know about cool events?

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